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ACE OF BEASTS is a story featuring characters that I've been drawing since 2009, Xerxes and Osric. I made Xerxes to be a cheerful, lovable, affectionate guy in contrast to the companion / sometimes rival I made for him, Osric, who is moody, aloof, but also has a more romantic and gentle side. They are two of my favorite characters I've ever made, and this is their main story together.

The prequel KNIGHT OF ALANOC tells of Xerxes and Osric's time as knights together in a slow-burn romance - when they met, Osric initially didn't like Xerxes, believing him to be a show-off in contrast to the loyal and gentle man he is. Having just come off from bad interpersonal and living situations (Osric with a horrendous ex and Xerxes having just escaped a warrior cult), they found solace in each other and fell in love after becoming friends.

ACE OF BEASTS is an epic and mythological tale where Xerxes and Osric meet men, monsters, and encounter magicks of which they have never seen before. Old flames and past traumas reappear and they must deal with new and old physical and emotional demons as they journey to undo the sorcerer's curse upon them and the land.

There are themes of identity, transformation, coping with and confronting trauma, a thorough look at the monster-as-otherness trope (especially for LGBTQIA+ coded characters - but here it is explicit, and there is much more here under the usually-visual-only surface presentation of that trope), and commentary on the prevalence (and value) of sexuality in society and what that means to an asexual person. There are other themes touched upon, but these are some of what came to mind first ;^>

The main characters of ACE OF BEASTS are two pansexual men, an FtM aromantic man, and a non-binary non-sex-repulsed asexual man. It may initially seem 'strange' that there are both aromantic and asexual main characters in a romantic erotica, but there is more to the story than romance and sex - read on and find out ;^>

The 'Ace' in ACE OF BEASTS refers to the asexual main character who I consider the crux of the story, Ravi. As the asexual person who writes and draws the story, I can tell you that yes, this title was very much on purpose, lol.

I'm proud to present ACE OF BEASTS, a complex erotica like nothing you've ever seen before. /// Enjoy!

- Aero

P.S. Leave a comment on any of the pages if you like what you see! Thanks for reading ///

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