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KNIGHT OF ALANOC is a slow-burn romance featuring two swordsmen who have recently gone through and left abusive situations and are looking for healing experiences - it just so happens that they find compassion and healing friendship and eventually gentle love through each other.

CONTENT WARNING: Some scenes of an abusive / sexually abusive / verbally abusive ex-boyfriend. This is a Survivor Story and the scenes are used to show a situation without glorifying it, and emphasis is placed on the healing of the characters afterward.

It is a prequel story to ACE OF BEASTS featuring Xerxes and Osric.

Many years ago I had envisioned the events of this story, but I kept it separate from ACE OF BEASTS' main story, as the tone and setting are much different. This one is much more mundane fantasy where ACE OF BEASTS' concept and setting are very supernatural. It's a grounded story in a mundane time in both of their lives sandwiched between the extraordinary fantastic forces that shaped them (The Sect of Strato for Xerxes, Osric's royal life), lol.

I also wrote it after a particularly rough time in my own life - its first edition came out in 2017. Responding to criticism regarding Osric's seemingly sudden volatile moodiness, I wrote this new one with more scenes showing (instead of subtly implying) that Osric was gaslit, verbally abused, and sexually abused by his ex-lover. Osric also goes through bouts of depression and volatile emotions, and although this is a small part of the story, I felt it was important to show that this is also a tale of loving someone with a mental health condition. This is referred to beyond KNIGHT OF ALANOC - Osric is not 'magically normalized' by Xerxes. This story is about Osric learning to help himself from within; Xerxes and Osric's friends are just the non-toxic support system that give him the environment to do just that.

There are also more scenes better showing the dynamic between Xerxes and Osric and some others in their new lives, with the 'slow-burn romance' part being stretched out longer to illustrate Osric's reluctance to open himself up to love again.

All that said, it's kind of a funny story and quite romantic, even if the background is a little heavy or relatable to those who have gone through such things {:^>

It's a heartwarming and soft M/M read with handsome swordsmen! Please enjoy~

- Aero

Let me know what you think in the comments below {;^>

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