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✦ about me ✦

nsfw comic artist, 30+ years old, asexual, autistic, BIPOC, nonbinary shape-shifter. loves video games & books ♡

Necropolis residents 1: Artifact shopkeep and Potions Shopkeep

I'm creating lots of characters for the new tarot deck and Skyset Knights book to give you a -more intimate- look at their world! check it out!!

Artifact shopkeep (name TBD) is a monster person who hoards rare and powerful artifacts, selling them to collectors and buying them from travelers arriving from far-off lands. They speak in that bird-like stilted way.

Potions shopkeep on the right (name TBD) is a djinni who definitely has an 'after dark' shop that he points customers towards ;) He's knowledgeable about certain items other than potions...

I was listening to a lot of synthwave while making these two and the other characters from the Necropolis batch, so I can totally imagine them being brought to life with puppets and practical effects from that era... :o

additional idea: Verus has been visiting Necropolis since he was very little, so the townspeople are familiar with him lol.

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