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✦ about me ✦

nsfw comic artist, 30+ years old, asexual, autistic, BIPOC, nonbinary shape-shifter. loves video games & books ♡

New Card Reveal: Death 2!

Today's NEW card reveal is Death 2!

The Death card archetype is about new beginnings, rejuvenation, endings and closure!

Read more about the unexpected symbolism of this card and the deliberate design of its art and character choice on this Project Update!

Follow this campaign for more!

We are at one third of the way to reaching our initial printing goal!!

There are tiers for just the Starry Knight Stationery as well, so be sure to check that out if you want to support the campaign on a smaller but still significantly helpful scale!

Every little bit counts including shipping! Thanks so much for reading and checking it out here,



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