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✦ about me ✦

nsfw comic artist, 30+ years old, asexual, autistic, BIPOC, nonbinary shape-shifter. loves video games & books ♡

new Skyset Knights characters 11-7-22 !

the 'official statement' about the world of ff16's character design direction was ridiculous and made me want to design even more people in the world of Spathi. check them out :

leader of an unnamed new guild in Skyset Knights, consisting of handsome muscular men / bara types, + kemono / furry bara men :) he goes out for coffee sometimes with Xerxes and Jet

Asha Lemonbelle, leader of the Moondawn guild, cute but mischievous ! A new adventurer among a group of mostly new warriors.

"the duelist" of Sarcius, the kind of strong hired sword patron you would see at an inn / tavern, and the beginning of a power-hungry character from the Order of the Night (#11 of their group I think). I included these two on this post because they're not too far along in development, and I'd like to show that some characters are on this stage for a while until I get an idea and finish them haha.

At the moment, I have several others in this stage too.

The script calls for 3 'artificial Aeons' - all created by magicks. The first was sickly, the second acceptably powerful, but when the first one dissipated back into mana, it necessitated the creation of a third to keep the second one company ('a happy Aeon is a compliant one'). they all look kinda depressed lol. I was going for an otherworldly Amano-esque design for this one. Not quite human, but pretty and gloomy.

Upper right is slated to be the dead one, lower left and right are my picks for the second one, one on the right is the replacement third. #1 and #3 probably don't speak or are a little feral. I might change any of this, it's all in development until it reaches the story proper :)

thanks for reading,

₊˚✩ Aero


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