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nsfw comic artist, 30+ years old, asexual, autistic, BIPOC, nonbinary shape-shifter. loves video games & books ♡

order of the night guild designs 1 [skyset knights]

here is my newest guild, Order of the Night, to be introduced in Skyset Knights 2: Sword Kings!

they were based on a loose theme of 9 chess pieces, and its more of a description of their build / character than what the pieces do more or less. There are 4 more left to design, though I have their roles down ;)

about them:

  • Avexis is a divine from the celestial plains. He has big plans. fortunately he is very powerful and 8.5' tall. unfortunately, he is not all powerful and his guildmates conspire against his plans in order to try and take his place, or they are too independent (with their own agenda). He wants the Aeon to do his bidding, but first they have to get ahold of him. Or make an artificial one...............

  • Bizhul is an adventurer who was a hero of the land until he sustained an eye injury. The kingdom who employed him then sent him on errands instead of the usual slaying of titans, believing him to be unable to fight due to his injury. He joined the Order for recognition and a hero's respect.

  • Amycus is a sadomasochistic healer who would heal his enemies while fighting them so he can hurt them more. He claims to not actually be in the guild because he is too beholden to the gods as a priest, but he does their bidding anyway and is also Verus' secret informant. When Verus doesn't sell the information of the Aeon to the Order, Amycus has to report back and Avexis is not happy. lol

  • Xatos is a clown. No, actually he's a reanimated guy who lived in the abandoned cathedral where they live. His personality is 'evil clown who does casual villainy for fun'. Amycus' BFF (bizarre funny friend). Probably stronger than he looks.

  • Rook is a tall muscular swordsman of few words. He is scary but he is also the only one of them who cooks and can be found making gourmet meals from his carefully-tended-to vegetable garden.

  • Nox wants to be the leader of the Order and is basically ready to backstab any of them at any moment (sometimes literally). He might even blame it on someone else. Why is he like this? Who hurt him? We'll know at some point lol. Or maybe he just causes chaos in the Order for fun.

thanks for reading,

₊˚✩ Aero


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