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✦ about me ✦

nsfw comic artist, 30+ years old, asexual, autistic, BIPOC, nonbinary shape-shifter. loves video games & books ♡

page sketch: bones

a funny idea I had: what if, on the way to Necropolis, Verus fucked Arka in a skeletal boat on the dark river. lol

it's not strictly an ancient Greek-style underworld (Cerberus makes an appearance though ;) ). There's some ancient Egyptian and other cultural influences in there too. As mortals, Verus and whoever he brings are able to visit Necropolis and the underworld with a spell - it's more for Jet / Arka / the second party's safety though, Verus being a necromancer and all.


panel 1: (Arka looks in awe of the scenery.)

panel 2: Verus: Are you enjoying the boat ride, Arka?

Arka: Yes. It's a lot more beautiful than I expected!

Verus: We have quite a while until we reach Necropolis...

panel 3, 4: (they kiss)

panel 5: Verus: Shake your bones for me, boy.

panels 6, 7: (offscreen sex noises)


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