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✦ about me ✦

nsfw comic artist, 30+ years old, asexual, autistic, BIPOC, nonbinary shape-shifter. loves video games & books ♡

short villainous hime haircut man

as a short, villainous, hime haircut little guy myself I'm glad to see more of this kind of character appearing lately lol. Finally, it is time ..... for us to take center stage ...... /// lol imagine

anyway here's my take on that sort of character, which I had been working on designing quite a while ago. do you know how difficult this hair was to draw, for me?? I'm used to short cropped masculine-style hair and spikey sorts haha.

I had been trying to figure out the artificial Aeon's look, and since Arka is one altered ego, why not make this one another? I have many in my story, whats one more lol.

purple is the color of cartoon villainy

large, billowy clothes give a small character a big presence, and as this guy is sort of a 'mewtwo strikes back' type of experimental creation, the square-sleeved robes provided the right kind of mythological intensity to his look. He's dangerous, but not irredeemable.

His story is as such: Sebok, a talented illusionist who was so good he could make the unreal real, made a refuge for mages called Nox Lumina. This city allowed them to use their powers as they saw fit, no matter what non-mages thought of their actions / creations (and they did have a lot of mixed thoughts on this...). Sebok's guild is full of people who believed in his vision, even if they weren't mages themselves, because they too are outcasts. The difference between Sebok and Verus, who has a similar guild, is that Sebok creates what he wants and needs, where Verus changes and fixes what he perceives are wrongs in people and the world he lives in. I consider them both morally grey as their methods of making their dreams happen are questionable. Necromancy, smiting whoever, unleashing vicious monsters into the world, etc. lmao

Anyway this guy is the third artificial Aeon, the latest and greatest of Sebok's successful projects, and refers to himself as the 'new Aeon' (Arka, to him, being the 'old Aeon'). In battle they are probably matched evenly. His one weakness though is that he doesn't know anything lol. While he does know who he is, how powerful he is, and was created with the mind / body of a 30+ years-old person and the mental / bodily autonomy that comes with that, he doesn't know much about the world. It's a good setup for me to tell some interesting stories with him ... :o

- note - as Skyset Knights is not a linear story and is more of a 'living world' erotica and adventure anthology, generally even the 'villains' of the story become friends (or friendly enough) with the Skyset Knights. maybe unrealistic, but hey, not every story needs to be war, doom and gloom. I'll only write what I feel like and what I consider a good story without breaking their world lol.

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