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✦ about me ✦

nsfw comic artist, 30+ years old, asexual, autistic, BIPOC, nonbinary shape-shifter. loves video games & books ♡

Skyset Knights 1: The Red Moon Rises progress + more !!

its been a while in the making but it'll finally be sent to the printer in just a few pages!! I'm in the middle of finishing Zelandia and then that's it for book 1~!

I'm looking forward to having my best (and most beautiful!! this is seriously my favorite art out of all of my books so far ///) book yet in my hands aaaa!!

The book will be in stock in my shops in January 2023 (that's in a few weeks!) and Kickstarter packages will also be sent out ASAP !

p.s. a new tarot deck is in the works ... :o if you liked the Men Plus Monsters Tarot Deck, this one is for you ;) ///

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