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Updated: Feb 15

SPHINX is a romantic collection of short comics chronicling various gentle and erotic moments between three older men: a mage, a swordsman, and a shape-shifting sphinx.

The pairings in this one are Ravi x Cirocco and Ravi x Asher, some Ravi x Xerxes.

Content Warning: This contains certain scenes of Ravi's past with High Priest Zenok in the Sect as it is a Survivor Story / healing story.

An older shape-shifting non-binary swordsman finds gentle love with a retired sellsword and a crystal magic healer who has a visual impairment. A healing, soft love blooms between them even as this sphinx considers himself an unsolvable riddle and sees himself monstrous because of his traumatic past.

I did a lot of extra writing for this one and I'm incredibly proud of the stories you're about to see - It is a culmination of desires, ideas, and moments of beauty from unexpected sources. All of my stories will mean different things to everyone, and I encourage you to go beneath the surface for them to get more out of them. It's not required, but it's quite fun lol.

The stories in SPHINX evolve from conversations and snippets of moments, to explicit kink and love-making, to exploration of trauma through healing touch and kink as healing.

The overarching theme of SPHINX, and Ravi's shape-shifting powers-as-metaphor, is that otherness (and trauma) is an experience you can't quite explain, invisible but sometimes obvious, and that your experiences are unique in such a way that even other people who identify themselves in a similar way as you can never truly understand your 'true form'. It's a beautiful thing to be different than other people, but it can also be a burden because they will never truly understand your experiences. Building upon that, the lessons of SPHINX are that these people can still love and be loved, that limits are not weakness, and that knowing yourself and starting yourself on the path to healing from past hurts is a source of strength.

Non-binary identity with non-human character design is often played with in popular media nowadays, but as a non-binary person myself I often feel that it is a shortcut to otherness that isn't explored meaningfully enough past it's visual cues. Perhaps this is because non-binary characters are never main characters, so they don't get screen time or are delegated to the 'humorous friend' or 'strange acquaintance who has some small scenes' category so they are not as developed as the protagonists.

Either way, I play with the non-binary-non-human and monstrousness-as-otherness tropes in my stories, to challenge both the currently trendy heteronormative societal view that visual monstrousness-as-otherness is good enough to be a stand-in for an LGBTQIA+ character without nuance or characterization; and that the uniqueness of the LGBTQIA+ and non-binary experience is such that yes, you do feel different than other people, but no matter what 'form' you take, you are capable of love and being loved (no matter what form 'love' takes as well - love can be appreciation for yourself, others, non-romantic or sexual, or romantic, or just generally a form of happiness).

SPHINX is also my rebuttal to the notion that older characters in webcomics should only be portrayed as infantilized entities, historical romance-objects, nonsexual objects, or as copyright-dodging stand-ins for celebrity crushes: This is a polyamorous relationship between mature men who are complete people, flawed, and have hopes and dreams beyond each other and beyond the bedroom. I hope that I can portray something completely different to anything you've seen, and that maybe, it will show the beautiful gold in the cracks of a broken surface.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think in the comments below! {:^>

- Aero

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