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✦ about me ✦

nsfw comic artist, 30+ years old, asexual, autistic, BIPOC, nonbinary shape-shifter. loves video games & books ♡

The Starry Knight Tarot Kickstarter is now LIVE! :D

Hi everyone! I just launched the Starry Knight Tarot Deck Kickstarter and it would mean the world to me if you could check it out! Crowdfunding is the only way I can make my art a reality, and as this is a big project, with your help we can make this a reality and you could have a really cool tarot (or poker!) deck to add to your art or card deck collection~! Hi! I am Aero, an autistic non-binary BIPOC asexual artist, and I am making a new, modern, customizable 160-card fantasy tarot deck rich with symbolism featuring unique artwork visually reflecting the upright and reversed meanings!

With 154 unique characters and 6 variations of The Lovers cards to suit your preferences, this is a new tarot deck unlike any you've ever seen - and it can be yours now, exclusively on Kickstarter!

Rotate the cards and reveal a rich mirror world of symbols and meanings in this unique tarot card deck! Their fantasy style illustrated art depicts all-new symbolism and returning symbols from classic tarot!

The Hanged Man artwork: Upright = letting go, Reversed = suspension! This is a deck rich with meanings for both beginners and experienced tarot readers - one in which you can find new interpretations in for years to come! Tarot is for everyone and anyone can learn it with the included guidebook I'm writing for it :D PLUS, the deck will come with a premium Full-Color Rigid Separate-Top Box with Lid to house all 160 cards, a 300+ page Full-Color Guidebook, and a vegan synthetic Velvet Bag to hold both the box and book!

Along with this unique deck, check out the Kickstarter-Exclusive Add-ons including fantastical magic-themed stationery based on the adventuring fairy tale motifs in the Starry Knight Tarot, with stickers, notepads, and notebooks designed to help you enjoy your own adventure divining with the tarot!

Whether you are a beginner or expert in tarot reading, the Starry Knight Tarot Deck is the ultimate modern tarot deck and with enough funding, we can make it a reality! ⭒✩✦⋆✧ Early Bird Special! The first 30 Physical Reward Tier Backers get a Kickstarter Exclusive Art Print of The Magician! ⭒✩✦⋆✧

Kickstarter Exclusive! This art print will only be printed for the first 30 physical Reward Tier backers :) Reward Tiers include stationery with Starry Knight motifs inspired by fantasy and magickal adventuring items, to the Starry Knight Tarot, and bundles featuring my other tarot and oracle decks! Check out the available Reward Tiers and Add-ons on this campaign's site for more details + more items! :) This campaign is NOT using BackerKit, so all of the items available as Reward Tiers and/or Add-ons are only here for a Limited Time! Items are not guaranteed to be for sale in my shop after, and a lot of items on this campaign are Kickstarter Exclusive! Get them while you can~ (or before they run out!!) This is a big project and every little bit counts towards the funding goal, including shipping! Thanks so much~ Check it out here :) <3 Aero P.S. Every day I will be revealing a NEW Starry Knight Tarot Card and some of its meanings via Project Updates! Follow the Project for more! :D


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