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Updated: Feb 3

MEN PLUS MONSTERS is my long-running shared universe of comics that I've been making for over 10 years, offline and online, with recurring characters and monsters.

MEN PLUS MONSTERS' logo lovingly depicts Xerxes, one of my oldest characters (from 2009!) who would be extremely happy to meet you if he could!

My characters are beloved to me in a way I'm sure most of you are familiar with - you have an urge to tell stories with them, whether it be through D&D, Roleplay, or creating your OC in your favorite game.

For me, they're also a way to express things I'd like to see, they're a way to show things that I've seen happen, and they're people who I want to see and read about in comics.

About me: I'm Aero, born and raised in sunny California, with a burning passion for video games, monsters, men, fantasy, and of course art! I'm an indigenous POC, asexual, and a masculine non-binary creature of the comic world whose work has been in everything from anthologies to zines to Kickstarter comics written by other people.

Representation and LGBTQIA+ issues are important to me, so the comics I make are always written with the idea that lots of different people can be cool, feel sexy, be powerful and have fun adventures.

My characters are all over the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, including a main character who is ace and non-binary, another who is FtM, and both of whom are in a loving relationship with two polyamorous pansexual men. A lot of my characters are inspired by real life experiences close to me and I'm proud to write them.

I've always loved movies and shows with fantastic monsters, asking the question 'What if we could kiss this monster' many more times than a person really should through their life. Designing monsters is quite fun and writing erotica and romance stories with them is even more fun!

While my comics are all about men and monsters having fun in mostly erotic situations, I also take consent very seriously in my works and never romanticize abuse. People who have been through certain kinds of abuse find my stories healing, and I always continue providing a healthy kind of erotic and gently loving content for those people as well.

MEN PLUS MONSTERS Comics is much more than the average set of bara comics - they are funny, colorful, diverse, complex, comics made with love!

By reading these comics, I hope you are brought happiness as much as the characters bring love and joy to each other.

Thanks so much for joining me on this adventure where we love men and monsters while I make MEN PLUS MONSTERS Comics!

- Aero

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