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When I started printing MEN PLUS MONSTERS books, art and merch, I always made it a priority to print with companies who had eco-friendly practices and used sustainable materials. Learn what exactly I do to make MEN PLUS MONSTERS books and art real while practicing sustainability:

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The environment and reducing the carbon footprint from this shop has always been a priority since 2009 when I started printing my art :)

Here are some of the ways I reduce waste and our carbon footprint from printing my merch and books:

- The books I print are very eco-friendly, made from sustainable materials, recycled paper, and printed with plant-based inks :)

- I use vegan materials for other miscellaneous items, such as the tarot decks' synthetic velvet bags, where possible


- I use recyclable, archival, sustainable, or recycled packaging (I will also be using better materials in the future as well!)

- I print merch from companies that are reducing or eliminating most / all of their carbon footprint

- I use shipping services that fund green energy sources and sustainable materials for production :)

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Thanks for reading :)

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